Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RB4850 Exercise Recumbent Review

Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RB4850 Exercise Recumbent Review

The importance of recumbent bikes for fitness can’t be overlooked. Because of the demands of such bikes, these days there are several recumbent exercise options out there. However, picking out one that fits all of your needs and budget is still not easy. It’s also true that recumbent bikes tends to be expensive pieces of exercise equipment as compared to traditional upright bikes. For this reason, many people keep away from considering them. Having said that, you will find many cheapest recumbent bikes on the market. One of them is the sunny health and fitness SF-RB4850 exercise bike. Even though it is among the cheapest recumbent exercise bikes, you can find, it is also well-filled with the technology, resistance and ease and comfort. Even though in the beginning certain buyers could possibly realize assembly puzzling, the Instruction video manual that delivers with sunny SF-RB4850 is pretty clear that allows you to assemble it easily and quickly.

Sunny SF-RB4850 Pros:

  • Magnetic resistance program merges with belt drive for a sleek and peaceful program.
  • 16 different resistance levels is a good amount
  • 24 different prest workout programs allows for a wide variety of workouts
  • Console makes it possible for keeping track of of a good variety of workout figures
  • Bonus tablet holder and water bottle holder
  • Heavily padded seat is actually fairly cozy, flexible and has a mesh back
  • Durable body with 300 lb weight restriction
  • Transport wheels permit simple transportation around the house.
  • Exceptionally inexpensive price in comparison to other recumbent bikes

Sunny SF-RB4850 Cons:

  • Frequent issues of the belt drive smashing swiftly
  • 1-piece cranks are always inferior
  • No online connectivity available here
  • No extra bonus features like USB plugs, loudspeakers or cooling fans


Sunny SF-RB4850 Review :


SF-RB4850 is sold with 16 levels of resistance, 12 programmed routines, and a lot of extra characteristics such as cycle through manual, user-customizable, target heart beat and power workout modes to evaluate your cycling strength. Aside from that, it’s also easy to relocate as Sunny SF-RB4850 has front wheels and a rear handle making it possible to be easily moved from one room to another or easily. However, carrying it up a flight of stairs definitely required two people. It’s also not difficult to select the workouts. The bike is not too high above the ground, making it friendly for a short-height person to attain it. In case, if you are looking for something that provides excellent back support and is easy to cycle, Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RB4850 is a fantastic choice as back support is comfy along with the fairly big seat with mesh back. Additionally, it could fit a reasonably big person as SF-RB4850 maximum weight hold capacity is upto 300 KG.

The sunny SF-RB4850 is also a superb option for those who enjoy having coffee or watching YouTube motivating videos during the workout as this bike has a cup holder, that means you can even keep your smartphone in the cup holder instead of a coffee cup. If you prefer to keep your bike on the ground, due to the fact that without a matt, you’ll end up receiving damages either on your bike or the floor, which certainly wouldn’t make you smile, Through experience, I encourage you to acquire a mat to put under the exercise bike to shield it against your ground.

The only  major lacking component is Bluetooth, which is something some people would use. Some users reported that they were getting computer errors on the screen such as error code E1. If you’re getting such faults, don’t be freak out as per the instruction error E1, which appears when the power plug-in suffers a decline of connection, so you need to ensure that your power plug is tight.

Review $400

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