Schwinn AC Performance Plus : Does it worth of the Money?

Schwinn AC Performance Plus : Does it worth of the Money?

Product Introduction

Nowadays, our lives have become so hectic that we find it hard enough to take out time to hit the gym or go out for a run. But that doesn’t stop us from wishing for a fit and healthy body. In order to achieve this goal, people have started workout form the comfort of their homes. They have begun to furnish their homes with workout equipment. However, if you are purchasing workout equipment for your home gym or renovating it, what could be a better choice than to buy Schwinn AC Performance Plus Indoor Bike.

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This is a luxurious bike, which costs around $1500. Yes, we know, it is a bit costly, but our thorough research gives us maximum assurance that it is definitely worth every penny. It is a pro-level exercise which gives its users the feel of riding an outdoor bike. This explains why Schwinn AC Plus has become the number one choice of outdoor cyclists. As compared to other exercise bikes existing in the market, this bike’s frame, seat slider, handlebars and all other hardware is crafted exclusively from Aluminum. Sounds amazing, right? Let’s have a closer look at its features and assess ourselves whether investing in Schwinn AC Performance Plus is a smart idea or not?

Features and Specification

Schwinn AC Performance Plus has pearl white frame color and ideal dimensions of 51” x 21” x 50”, and weighs about 112 pounds or 51 kilograms. This shows that it has a compact size and bearable product weight. It is known for its outstanding durability and can endure maximum user weight of up to 350 pounds. It is ideal for a wide size range. It can entertain people whose height range from 4’11 to 6’8 . Let’s look deeper into its technicalities now and check what features make this particular exercise bike stand out amongst its counterparts. It has easily adjustable Ergo Loop Handlebars. You can also enjoy the facility of adjusting your bike in an upward, downward, backward and forward direction as per your ease and comfort. It has large pedals that double link with SPD. Schwinn AC Plus boasts magnetic brake chain drive system that provides this equipment with an ideal resistance. Aside from that, it has a 37 pound weighted perimeter flywheel, which offers its users a smooth, consistent and stable ride. It also has front wheels which makes the transportation process of this equipment comparatively effortless.

Pros of Schwinn AC Performance Plus

The ideal magnetic resistance system of AC Performance Plus offers a smooth and stable ride to its users, with zero bumpiness. It lets them enjoy a realistic feeling of riding an actual outdoor bike. Its heavy flywheels really add up to offering a momentum of riding on a real road. Its magnetic resistance ensures a low maintenance system that is so not easily prone to wear and tear. With its consistently additive resistance level, its users can enjoy that tough workout routine which they require for getting Moving on, this bike is extremely comfortable and has the tendency to accommodate users of varying size and weight.

Its Ergo Loop handlebars and pedals are removable and users have the facility to replace them with any handlebars and pedals of their choice. However, majority of the users prefer the existing handlebars and find them sufficient according to their requirements. Its Double Link Pedals prevents any slipping of feet during the workout sessions. Thus, the risk of any injury while working out is reduced and a higher consistency is provided. Want to know what else gives it an advantage over its rivals? Its aluminum frame – Schwinn AC Performance Plus has an aluminum frame which makes it roughly 30% lighter than other steel frame bikes. This makes it very much easier to pick up the bike and move it from one spot to another.

It also keeps the bike rust-free, maintaining its favorable condition for an extended time period. Aside from its friendly-weight design and easy portability, Schwinn AC Performance Plus comes with appropriate instructions and parts. This makes assembling this workout equipment quite convenient. Even individuals who lack any technical skill can assemble the bike with minimal effort.

Cons of  Schwinn AC Performance Plus

Although Schwinn AC Performance Plus is a heavy duty bike of an appreciable caliber, but still some users hesitate in buying it as it is quite costly. Also, its chain drive train is not wholly even and may end up producing some noise while the exercise bike is in use. The biggest shortcoming of AC Performance Plus is that doesn’t facilitate its users with an LCD display screen.  However, users will not be kept up to date while simultaneously working out – it will not be displayed to them the speed, distance covered, pulse rate and calories burned while working out. If any user desires to keep a close track record on his workout the he is advises to purchase an MPower Echelon Console separately, which is an add-on to the cost of the exercise bike itself.

My Final Thoughts

All in all, after a thorough analysis of Schwinn AC Performance Plus it can be concluded that this bike is of up-most quality and it gives competitors in the market a tough competition. It is of solid structure yet quite light in weight and is currently being used in various gym and cycling studios all over the country. With its 10 year warranty and spectacular features, the bike really does stand out and never fails to deliver a quality experience while riding it. Hence, I will highly recommend it.

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